Locations/Man in the Moon/Caza Azul

These are the location shots/characters.

But first a song.

John I would like you to write the screenplay, and I think you can pretty easily.  From my two short stories Man in the Moon and Casa Azul.  Although time has passed, the location still stands.  As all locations still stand when we lose those we love the most.  This is Man in the Moon at this link. http://www.cleansheets.com/exotica/moonsum.shtml and Casa Azul at this link: http://www.cleansheets.com/exotica/bonnaire_07.12.06.shtml

The house was white once, and terribly roughed up.  But that was many years ago.

Ironically that song and imagery above is from a remake of Wim Wender’s classic “Wings of Desire” — this “Moon” was the first story I wrote after the tragic crash.  I wanted the world to see the beauty.  We can never go back in life.  But only the beauty remains.  And the beauty of love.  Casa Azul and Moon are the same.  And so is this poem of mine. 

The book is all the hand written love letters.  There must be over 100.

I began to write because I was so sad.

I want the world to be healed by LOVE?  In this case, the twinned stories are of Joe who called himself Valdez.

Only you could make this screenplay.  One short story of hers, a literary writer, was taken by the screenwriter and made into this film.  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0274812/  So it would be like that.  For you that would be easy.  Valdez looked just like this:

Only older.  Just like he looks now.  He has just made a new film?  So maybe he would like to be Valdez.

Original location:

valdez house 1

valdez house 3

valdez house 4

New location — also for sale.  I begged to get it once.  He didn’t let me, and this was before he took everything from me.  It was in foreclosure then and a man had just died.  Maybe 5 years ago.  It’s still white and could stand in.  Very easily.

A bit pricey, but.  Needs it to make the movie.


Very possible the same builder, on both.

Will send you link in FB.  I walked all around today after breakfast and looked at things again.

Joe’s friends are still alive.

One lives next door.  John.  His oldest friend, for tales.  Right across from post office

In this house.

john's house next to Valdez

john's house:summ

John is an artist and printmaker, very old now.  They were very great friends.  Just next door at the old wood fence — that is Joe’s house in man in the moon & casa azul above.

this is Henry’s house, another old friend of Joe’s.  They know me as Adrianna, which is what Joe like to call me.  Adrianna de la Rosa,


henrys house

henry's house 2

henrys house 2

Henry often does things with local theatre as well as being a deluxe story teller.   You know this.  Varley St.


today I took location shots at the beach after breakfast.

I can’t tell you how you have made me feel.

If you do this for me, I will transcribe two of your scripts into novels?

Even steven!

The white house?

I will move in immediately.

Selling it should not pose too much of a problem given EL James and what she has just done.  But this is OUR STYLE.  The vanilla people they all laugh at.  The vanilla people who have known real love in our lives.

The people who write from life, because, we are those writers.

John.  The screenplay is far too close to my heart to be able to write it.

But you can.  it will be one of the most beautiful stories the world has ever seen.


The music is this:

the album Passion Flute from this https://www.deruby.com/flute-music-stephen-deruby.html

Even looking at his old house today?

It is so changed.

That the white house behind where we had breakfast today has more of the feeling of his old place.  John and Henry can tell you.  They know me.  I wanted to die after that crash.  I’m not kidding.  I have had to stay alive.  So. Know that I am serious, and know that I know you will make one of the most beautiful love stories ever told.  Ever.

the letters look like I said.





no one has ever seen the beauty of love letters like these, John.

I have them.

Okay thank you again.

from me.

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