Screenwriting Day one, recipe.

Just looked at an example for opening scenes and I think I have come up with mine so really excited this morning.  I have to get out of this house.  Can’t work to the music that is totally controlled and the sounds here.  Can’t even think in this atmosphere, but I have given myself a one week deadline to do this.  One week to adapt my novel and I will.

So example:

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 10.58.13 AM

I read the first page, and can see how the shots inspire the mood and ramp up the tension.  Watched the opener of the film and can see “how” it looks.


I learned yesterday that the screenplay is the “recipe” for the film.  But everything has to be in three line sentences.  I have already figured out the locations for Heart of Clouds.  And now I am beginning to SEE it.  It’s not different from the novel, just the visual language to create the characters is different.

Going out to coffeehouse to work on this. Or anyplace away from here.

How I have been able to even write here is pretty amazing in itself.

Shots of the beach where my character goes, from yesterday.

moodybeach:heart4 moodybeach:heart3 moodybeach:heart2 moodybeach:heart


Says to self, YOU CAN DO THIS!

Has decided that fog as a visual is perfect for the mood of one of the characters in my novel.

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