What is LOVE? #screenwriting, #films, #Last Tango

This is not a question most of us can answer, just as we cannot really open up what causes deep attraction or sexual chemistry.  It’s either there or it isn’t.

In my first collection of short stories I have written love, as other writers have also written love down through the ages.

There are many types of love.

But the love between THE LOVERS is the greatest love of all.

At the Santa Barbara Writers Conference last week, I gave much thought to just how serious my fiction is.  It’s probably the Capricornian in me that doesn’t take things lightly.  Capricorn can be a sign of great caprice, and the Venus there triples this factor.  Capricorn with a Scorpio rising and a Gemini moon makes a pretty strong writer.  So does Pluto in the tenth.  I have all of that.

In Gardenias you will see LOVE as it looks for real.

So here is a Tarot Card for today!  My fave one in fact.

When I write about human emotions and sexuality in my Literary Erotica, I never write a false scene in the sexuality.  It’s all real, and it’s all what sex actually is between heterosexuals.

Lovers have to take off their masks and let down their guards in order to experience the true nakedness and vulnerability that comes with all of that.

So you can find my book over in Amazon — the one that has this cover:


I dedicated the book to my mother, because that is her on the cover.  She was very hurt by love in her life.

That is a picture of her in the 70’s in London when she was breaking up with my father.

I have tried to show many different aspects of sexual love in my stories, and this is only a few of them.  I intend for my short stories to go to films, but they are for the real film audience who loves art films.  This morning I revisited Last Tango In Paris which I saw when I was 13.  My mother dropped me off in the theatre in Hollywood, because she wanted to spend a day with Dad that year.  As usual she put me in a movie theatre.

It was Brando in one of his finest roles.  And Bertolucci also at his finest.

I like fearless and beautiful films and I can’t help it.  I was raised on gorgeous film from the time I was a very young girl.

As I read about the screenwriter and the director and the fallouts with ELJ, how totally tragic.

It takes many artists to make a work of art.

I understand that.

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