Screenplay as deep cure #DepthPsychology #amwriting

As I continue to work out the characterizations and plot for my screenplay, I can’t help but watch the news stories roll by.  I have often written about cognition in a generation raised on electronics and pre-scripted games.  Today we saw another tragedy on the news.  I am writing cure in Heart of Clouds because I am teaching empathy.

It is very possible that the over medicated kids, who play the most violent video games do not have reality testing intact.  Studies have been done where they can no longer recognize human emotion on a human face.

This failure of empathy that we are seeing can be remedied by showing what EMPATHY is.  Actually modeling the concept inside a film as deep cure.  Heart of Clouds does this.

The teens in my story are both heroes.

They are facing depression based on economic circumstance and terrible losses.

EMPATHY is the learning and core theme in my actions.  By changing the cultural surround, we can lift the collective heart from darkness.

This is my light saber!

Adrienne — MA Depth/Counseling Psychology ’98

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