Screenplay, Heart of Clouds *music as intervention #amwriting

So, as I have given thought to the opening and action scenes in my screenplay,  which is very simple… I am thinking like Kubrick and how he used music.  Also all the rest of my favorite filmmakers.

I know that we do not have much time in film to give back story to things.  It’s all done with images, gestures and sound.

These are some location shots and images for my teen characters who meet on a local beach.  It’s a very simple and beautiful character study.  For really good parts, for REAL actors.

Devlin my teen boy is seen in locations like this:


There is really gorgeous golden light in the location I have chosen.  Especially in the fall and winter here on our coast.


There is a lot of magical realism in the tale.  Which is my specialty as a writer.  Perhaps because I have seen beauty all my life.


I have decided to use the weather and the light and the sound to describe my character’s emotional states.  Part of Heart of Clouds is a simple children’s book, and part is a very deep cure for depression in people.



This is an American story.  About an American boy and girl on a beach.

When Devlin first sees Teenie, the music has uplift!

Here is what uplift might sound like.  It’s just exquisite.

Just listening to this made yesterday’s news fade.

Yesterday I had listened lots to this — I was trying to find a sound for sadness and fog.  It was quite beautiful.

Of course, experts do the sound.

I am just the writer.

But I write magic.


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