Application of Plotinus #screenplay Heart of Clouds #amwriting

“The Enneads contain a chapter on Beauty (I.6) which was highly influential in the Middle Ages. After considering other theories of what beauty is, Plotinus concludes that it is formal Unity. When diverse or similar parts are unified by one form, the Soul recognizes and takes pleasure in the form of Unity. This may happen when we view a painting or a sculpture, listen to a piece of music, or follow an elegant mathematical proof. In all these cases, we are drawn toward Unity, and the form of Beauty Itself. We must get there by stages: like people emerging from a dark cave into sunlight, we must become accustomed to the light. In the following passage, Plotinus combines ideas from Plato’s allegory of the Cave with themes from the Symposium:

Like anyone just awakened the soul cannot look at bright objects. It must be persuaded to look first at beautiful habits, then the works of beauty produced not by craftsmen’s skill but by the virtue of men known for their goodness, then the souls of those known for beautiful deeds . . . Only the mind’s eye can contemplate this mighty beauty . . . So ascending, the soul will come to Mind . . . and to the intelligible realm where Beauty dwells (Enneads I.6.9).”


I have been giving a great deal of thought about music as I write this screenplay.  So, there is music of many moods.  Uplift, sadness, calm, and then there are scenes as visuals.  Music can be used in this film to lift the soul.

So this is where I am from:

This is what it sounds like, and it is a sound I have known all my life.

These are the flowers and I have known them all my life.

Heart of Clouds will bring hope to many people.  It is going to take them to this world.

It is a world that Steinbeck also knew.

These are some pictures from my world.

carpgull carppoppies carpmustard carpsparrow


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