Importance of Grandpa Jess in Heart of Clouds #screenplay #amwriting great male roles

So there are two very, very important men in Heart of Clouds.  Both are older, and so both are like “wise elders” in my novel.

I have spoken a bit about Mr. Honeygarten, but today for Grandpa Jess.  This is one of the most charming men you will ever see on screen.  My teen boy has been dropped off to live in the village by his father, who is an architect back east.  There has been a tragedy and my boy is having to cope with a terrible loss.

His grandparents are the most wonderful, warmest people ever.

One reason for the importance and strength of the character is that grandparents often have to fill in as parents especially if kids are from broken homes.  This is not about divorce though.  What I am doing in the novel and also this screenplay is showing/teaching coping skills for depression in people.  The character of Devlin’s grandfather makes pancakes in an old cast iron skillet, teaches my boy to drive his old red truck, takes the boy up into the mountains here, and is seen as a fill in for an absentee father.

As I thought of the character, if I had to use just one word for him it is KIND.

The couple is KIND.

I think that we have not really seen screen depictions of that emotion in awhile, and this goes there.

Devlin’s grandfather does very, very special things in this story.  His is the role of “elder” and “healer” by his very presence.  He introduces my boy Devlin to the harmonica and ukelele, and gives him his old ones.  Music in this, is a great healer.  In his dialogue, it is traditional Americana, as when he speaks to Devlin, he refers to him as “son.”

So in Depth Psychology we talk a lot about “good feeds.”  This is meant as encouragement at a deep spiritual level that builds self esteem in a child.  I have written what those are into this character.

What happens over at this house is WARMTH.  So,  I see them in a brown shingled place as the exterior, kinda Craftsmany, the kind of place that has the scent of cookies baking and always at the ready for whoever drops by.  Many of the scenes with him are shown with actual food, preparing food, and in nature.  So imagine the scent of warm Boston Baked Beans by a campfire grill and you will get an idea.

This is a SoCal story.  About goodness, no matter what!


from Adrienne

ps: these are some location images for Devlin’s surf hut world, and the kinds of things one finds on beaches here.  I am considering the brands to go with and I am using many things that are made in America, and things from California that are full of “goodness” as well.  Those are being written in.  So there is pottery (these were from Harmony pottery up near Cambria) and there are Lodge Cast Iron pans  and Pendleton shirts and so forth…








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