An OLD HOLLYWOOD ROYALTY Tale (true story) <3

Since I am part of Hollywood Royalty, I am going to tell you the tale of something that happened to me.  We go through ups and downs in life in ways one never expects.  Ever.  This happens to people in Hollywood all the time.

I want to tell you the story of how John Cohn and I met.  His father was Harry Cohn

The young Harry Cohn, father of John Cohn — he was called King Cohn in certain circles…

who founded Columbia Pictures.  In very old Hollywood, a long time ago.  In my childhood I was always with my uncle at places like Schwabs Drugstore having breakfast, or at Musso’s having Flannel Cakes and so I was exposed to all of that very early on.  I expect I shall be hearing more about why my uncle had to leave with his studios for Canada at some point soon. ❤

Anyway, old Hollywood is this very, very marvelous thing.  And John and his father were part of all that.  You see, the movie stars go through the same kinds of lives we all do.  Ups and Downs.

I met people who worked on things because well, that is just where I am from and who my Uncle Spencer Crilly was.  He was in and around Hollywood during the 1940’s at USC entertaining the troops and he was up at the legendary Magic Castle as a young Magician.  Here is a picture of him in that time.  He was so dear to me as a child. So very dear.  He was a magician at heart.  As all artists are magicians.

Spencer Crilly, later Zoltan Spencer (FILM)
Spencer Crilly, later Zoltan Spencer (FILM)
My Uncle Spence as a young magician.
My Uncle Spence as a young magician.

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