Ages since a new short story, but… #amwriting one!

Something is unlocking.

Anyway, I like to do a storyboard of images so — I was looking at Horst, and some very erotic things I saw in twitter I mean…

They just were.  It was what the man was doing with his hand, to her.  Potent.  Whew — and you couldn’t see the man, only his hand and a tie.  He was dressed in a suit, and she very dressed in lingerie and heels — and he was just using one hand.  Enough to make one want to go out and spend a fortune on lingerie let me tell you.  Damn.  I think I’ll call the story “Abandon.” Because that really was.  One of the sexiest things I have ever seen.

So Horst was this incredible fashion photographer that pre-dated Helmut.    In some ways I was born into the era that was Horst & it is very surrealist.  It is the time of Fellini films and lots of black and white — which is what I was looking at.  I mean, the erotic for me in an image never tells the whole tale, and the things I couldn’t take my eyes off today don’t either.

I was made so excited by looking at what I saw I almost have to write the short story.  I haven’t felt like this for a long time so good to have a muse.

So the lighthouse.  I’ve photographed it myself.  It’s so phallic.  And black and white with these stripes from the 60’s.  I’ll use that as the setting.  This one:

So Horst — an image of the lingerie in the tale…

Not sure how long I want it to be.  Hmm.

Been a long time, I miss ERWA and being published.

It tales your mind off the bad news.

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