Themes in “Abandon” my new short story (mythos) #LiteraryErotica

So this tale is also about shoes?  So could fit with my whole set of shoe tales but, this is a stand-alone.

It’s a tale of a male Dominant (who wishes to be that) and the female MC he wants.  So, the tale is based on male wounded psyche ala Equus.  The horse?  She is the woman.  So the horses are used in the tale  to talk about the kind of mating he wants as a triumphant stallion.

So, going back to Equus (themes) masculine circa 1977, here:

So, it’s interesting to look at this – and then think of masculinity post Equus. And or this resurgence in themes of Dominant males?

So, what does my male MC want?

Rutting, any time and any place, not unlike the stallion.  He can be seen as the stallion I am writing that inhabits the pasture around the lighthouse.  He had it constructed for the woman he desires.  But he is not there.  He leaves her alone in a choreographed space he has chosen so that she will have to unfold her own sensuality and lust towards him.  Alone.

So what she has seen are the two horses, mating.  The mare has come toward her to show her something.  It’s what the Stallion knows best.  The Dominant in my tale is seducing her via imagery.  It’s all erotic, and she is left alone to contemplate all of this in the lighthouse by herself.  She feels herself growing very excited, and she is all alone.  So — setting is similar to this:

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