Themes of wounded masculine in my short story “Abandon” — Equus motif #amwriting


So, the boy in Equus.  Who is he?  It was 1977.  Now he needs Viagra.  He imagines himself a steed, no?  He likes to pull her hair until she arches back nothing more than an animal.  Which sounds fab if only women could have trusted men.  Suppose they were too hurt?

For instance, the position I keep observing that these Dominants dig is one I would rather forget.

It was a position the biggest male shit in my lifetime favored.  He wasn’t good at sex.  He didn’t want the baby.  You can read about that here.

So onwards into the void of the tale, and the shaping of it into something quite erotic simply because I have a fabulous steed for a muse and I saw something in the tweets by a man who obviously knows his way around the wounded feminine.

What my dominant wants the MC to see at his lighthouse is the mare, in heat.  Because he feels women should be taken in much the same way.

Funny how that looks across the board in the erotic images I have seen flow by.


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