Erotica ~ “Abandon” — next chapter starting… with “B” #amwriting

So, I am not sure yet how “Abandon” is being received because waiting on crits from my writing group — but I sort of like the themes I have chosen to start on.  So, I think I will stick with the characters and carry them forward into more and more abandon — for my character Jules, by the MC Jacques.

He is very wealthy.  He is also very frightened of women.  This is why he has to control her.

So the lighthouse is this incredible metaphor for the phallus he wants.  This really sturdy maleness.  We left off yesterday with Jules understanding that he was going to be totally in control of everything she did from that point on.  I have really loved writing to moody stuff by Eno — “The Pearl” album for this story.   It has this very mystic  quality and I want the story to feel like that.

Basically, what he wants is to open Jules until she is only his, but how he is doing this is with voice and image.  Only.  The first “crack” in her appears when she realizes how alone she is, with herself.  He isn’t even there — just all the things that he left for her.

She isn’t used to that at all.

It’s in this lonely stretch of beach that he will “break” her as one breaks a horse?  The horses are used here as stallion and mare.

How he is doing this is by presenting her with tremendous erotic imagery, at the same time utterly witholding himself from her.

I think I’m doing these as stand-alone stories that are vignettes.  So, “B” may stand for “Breath” in this next installment.

She is to be at the lighthouse for three days, all alone with the horses running on the beach.

He has made it so a speaker gives commands to her?  The speaker and the erotic images are all a part of her seduction.

Jacques wants her to do this:

That is a marvelous image as we head into chapter two!


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