Domination and submission in my new novel “Abandon” #amwriting “Breath” ~ chapter two

So, the very wicked parts of the novel.

I tend to write not to plot. but plot develops as I go.  I had spoken of “Equus” as a wounding to the phallic masculine in the era 1970’s forward and I expect this is because of feminism on some levels.

In chapter two we learn that my male MC wants to see the female “crawl” — why he is doing this is because he wants to break her spirit as one breaks a horse.  (Equus theme) as repaired, or perhaps reparation.  He wants very much to be in love and do all kinds of very, very erotic things with her.  Things that he is actually ashamed of,  perhaps because of his mother?  But we aren’t there yet.

For instance if we look at the distance in this image?  He is fully dressed.  And she becomes the object of desire on the end of a chain that he holds.  The eroticism in this is very powerful to me.  Most men do not spend this kind of time on foreplay, believe me.  So in the novel it is all about the foreplay.

The moon has risen over the lighthouse.  He’s had her look at photographs of a mare in heat, and a woman in heat with a man’s hand gripping her from the rear.  He showed her a little film, and there is a still from what she saw here…


So. am about 600 words in for yesterday…

The atmosphere of the lighthouse is elegant.  Exquisite actually.

xxoo! Onwards!

ps: the supermoon last night…


writing to really great and mysterious ambient for this…

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