Lust, currency, and “Breath” Chapter two of “Abandon” Literary Erotica #amwriting


So, the MC Jacques.  He is in love with an object of desire.  So much so, he has to keep himself at a great distance.  He wants to erase her, so that?  He will never really have to see her expressions.

About 50,000 pages will cover what he does to her — three days in the lighthouse.

From the novel yesterday:

Maybe his voice on the speaker had done it.  It was so very hard to get used to the way he penetrated her with just his voice.  Jules could not be sure if he was watching her.  He had said there would be commands.

“Bend your knees Jules.  You are to grasp your heels and pull your legs apart for me.”

The tiles were so cold now against her bottom.  She took the heels of the suede shoes in each hand and pulled them so that they were against her buttocks.  Now she was open to him, fully, the slit between her thighs exposed, her naked breasts jutting.  She heard the sound of a crank, and a small snap.  From a long wire that emerged from way up the staircase a camera dangled with a very long lens.  It snapped a picture of her from above, and suddenly retracted.

In that moment Jules realized what he wanted.  He was going to photograph her.    Any privacy she had assumed she had was now gone.   She closed her eyes tightly, and her hands gripped the heels more firmly.  Fear clutched at her heart.  Her breathing came shallower now and faster, her chest heaving up and down with the nipples so erect and naked.  She felt his invisible eyes on her, his invisible hands on her, even though he wasn’t there.

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