Proud of Donald Trump

You know, America has a lot of people in her.

I am someone who voted for a number of years as a Democrat, post Watergate in my childhood.  It was the Protest Era.  We were in very different times as a country then.

It bothers me not that I have changed political parties after so long.  The reason is Donald Trump, and frankly if Donald Trump didn’t have a penny to his name I would feel the exact same way.  There is a power and goodness to him.  American goodness.

I see him as very much like Teddy Roosevelt, who was my grandparent’s childhood President.  It’s the first ones you have that really matter most in terms of setting who you are as an American.  You will remember them, and everything that happens before you vote for the first time.  My first two were JFK and LBJ and I still love them very much for their idealism.

I’m really proud of Donald Trump, for everything that he has said.

He’s my Teddy R, and my Reagan rolled into one, except he was a child during the same time I was, and so we have seen all the Presidents.  He will bring the good from all that he has known into very desperate times in America.


ps: I love that he fought for that flag of his!  (In Florida!)

So, from sea to shining sea, from the land of Reagan, all the way to NY!

from Adrienne

flag wharf

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