Donald Trump, because…

You should read the review of this book published in France. 

Two women, one wearing the niqab, a veil worn by the most conservative Muslims that exposes only a woman’s eyes, right, walk side by side, in the Belsunce district of downtown Marseille, central France, Friday June 19, 2009. The French government’s spokesman says he favors the creation of a parliamentary commission to study the small but growing trend of burqa wear in France. Luc Chatel says the commission could possibly propose legislation aimed at banning the burqa and other fully covering garments worn by some Muslim women. (AP Photo/Claude Paris)

Donald Trump is an American man and also a Christian.

American women have had to put up with a very great deal out of men since the 70’s.   In many ways we are just like Trump.

The Dark Ages are not a place we want to go, as depicted in the book above.

Trump isn’t intending to take us there.  When he says,  “Make America Great,” he means that.


ps: he is an American man.

Women need not have any doubts about that.

I like this picture of him when he was really young and fresh out of Wharton:

Young Donald Trump

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