Malignant Narcissism (in a metaphor) #DepthPsych

Malignant Narcissism.  As we have discussed before is a personality Disorder from which there is NO CURE.  In the past we had some political leaders like this — in Hitler for one — he was the worst — but there are others.

So let me give you an example of what that is using a fall spider because there was one handy.

So here is the picture:

metaphor - Malignant Narcissism
metaphor – Malignant Narcissism

So, I ‘m out in the garden watching a fall spider make a web and catching bees in it.  Each day the tree has been full of little drone bees just working to get  the pollen out.

These spiders are very smart.

They spin the web in the dark, and in the morning as the bees come they go ahead and wait until they catch lunch.  The poor little bees are exhausted and they get entangled in the web.  The spider quickly wraps one up.  So each day as I observed this he caught about four.  That is him dining on one.

Now let’s think about geopolitics right now.

Instead of a spider think of a spider’s tricks.

It hides.  It consumes.  It only thinks of itself, without empathy.

The bees are to be used as a source only.

It’s not that it is going to have bee friends.  It sees the bees as food.  No more.  After it has used up the source it will move off to find other prey.  Think of this as how a Malignant Narcissist in a human being works as well.

They hide deeds.

It is only after studying the deeds for a long time that a pattern emerges.

Notice how the spider is big and fat, having taken care of itself first.

This is how a politician who is a malignant narcissist will act.

There is NO EMPATHY for anyone.  There is only the spider and what it needs.

It builds many kinds of webs and the people it needs are USED up for what they can offer, just as the bee in the picture above.

It is admired on the outside, wow, how talented and lovely you are — but really it is just absorbing all it needs.  It will not give anything to anyone ever.

Others simply do not exist.

They only serve to serve the spider.

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