location #screenplay Man in the Moon

Casa Azul de Valdez is now Casa very pale Verde with red trim.  It is behind the post office on Lillie Ave.  Summerland.  You will see the roof of it — a very simple Victorian — plain.  Two story but the lower story was quite low maybe 7 feet high.  I am sure that his daughter would let you in to see it if she knew what it was to be in  film of him.  If not.  Then it can be photographed and reconstructed as it was.  So simple it is hard to believe so much could take place in two little places but it did.

Just as the short story and all of it in the letters.

I might still have the things my husband has made me leave my house and it’s sold so in about 14 days it will be gone and I left the things behind a beautiful screen that is going in my new place.  I am moving back east so fast after this sale omg.  I have to figure out how!  At any rate?  These will be in your possession for the film.

address might have been 2228 but no matter.  Lillie.  His daughter lives across the street and the man who lives next door named John can tell you everything.  John made a print — and etching of his face and I lost it.  I went to have it framed and the place is gone where I took it — but he is a very fine artist and did the print?  he lives in the very weatherbeaten house next door and he can take you to Henry so that you can hear the whole stories.

You have saved my life.

you have and if you make this film you will be saving many lives like you cannot believe.  on the planet.


Valdez once told me that if only people could write to each other as we did.  No matter how mad we got — we would always write what it was to each other and work it out on paper.  It’s all there.

you will laugh at the place I hid them?  I found this wonderful screen at a fav antique place?  muchascreen

when we were little maybe 13, Alphonse was my fave.  Remember the fonts of the time in the very early 70’s hahahahahah

See the PALE GREEN and the GREEN roof house with the white picket fence?  That was the house of VALDEZ, Aslan.

There is a pepper tree, by the bluerecycling can.

When he died his daughter called me and I fainted.  I left work.  I drove there and she had kicked in the locks looking for a will.  All I wanted were our letters.  I took a jacket, his cologne and the letters.  I never went back for months after the wake.

To try and explain this would be so hard.

To have been so loved in a house and then to never be able to go back inside?

I can’t explain.

But I know you will understand babschwi

once you see the love letters.

I don’t want to know what I said.

Diane will know how to be me, and there will be truth in that, just as you will bring the truth to him but through yourself as an actor and artist.

you could have your asst in LA come up for lunch?  Give me time & place in tweets and I will hand over.  So easy.

And for Perceval, any contracts and we can pull my things from the web with ease and let your exquisite vision take over from there.

Thank you,


I cannot explain how beautiful you are?

Visage d’un ange.

Really handsome but visage… I kept this one like a little theif.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 7.46.14 AM



Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 2.07.24 PM.pngScreen Shot 2015-11-17 at 2.11.23 PM.pngScreen Shot 2015-11-17 at 2.11.59 PM.png


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