“The Seahearts” #scene DRUNK/KISS BENJAMIN/TINA

*NOTE  TINA/BENJAMIN and CASSIE have been eating and dancing the twist, playing TWISTER in the kitchen/dining room.

TINA and BENJAMIN on fourth Cuba Libre and Cassie tells them she is tired and going to bed.  They have been dancing to upbeat music, but now the slow songs are coming on.  TINA takes BENJAMIN’S hand and leads him over to the non-sat on white expanse of couches.  He’s drunk, on his fifth and she stares at him, breathily.

Writing to:

“In the Still of the Night” 60’s slow dance song

BENJAMIN is splayed against the couch and TINA crawls toward him with another drink.

“I’ve got a great idea.”


“Let’s get in the Jacuzzis”

“Right now?”

TINA nods.

“Let’s dance on the patio with the light show on.”

“Light show?”

“It’s special.”

TINA presses a remote and suddenly swirling Lava Lamp multicolored globules light the air in holograms dancing over the waters.  Every so often sparklers go off on cue as the waters pulse and fountain jets spew ten foot bursts of water, perfectly timed to the beat of the songs.

BENJAMIN is wobbly on his feet.

“Dance with me,” Tina said.  “Please?”

“I’m a little bit…”

“Jason never does.”

BENJAMIN cocks his head quizzically.


TINA just shakes her head, and tells him it’s been years since she danced.

“He’s your husband.”

“Jason says dancing is messy.”


“He hates messes.”

BENJAMIN eyes the long counter and grins to himself.

“Shouldn’t we maybe tidy up a little?”

“The SuzyQBots do that.”

“What are those?”


“Oh, like the vacuums?”

“They come like fairies in the night while we are sleeping.”


“Benjamin dance with me,” Tina says thrusting herself up against him.

“It’s been a long time Tina.”

“That’s okay.  Me too.”

BENJAMIN pulls her against him into the slow dance.  It’s been years since he’s held a woman this close and he tries to keep his lower body from making contact but she snuggles closer and closer.  The light will be nicer on the patio, he thinks.  He begins to move her backwards toward the swirling light show out side.

“This is something.”

“I had a decorator come from Las Vegas.”


“It’s the latest…”

TINA trips on the flowly leg of her pants and suddenly the two of them are stumbling together until they fall fully clothed into the water.  They face each other giggling at what happened until BENJAMIN realizes he has his wallet in his pocket.  He pulls it out and opens to find BETH’S picture is ruined by the water.

“Who is that?”



“I loved her very much.”







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