“The Seahearts” design #screenplay opening/end shots #film


Giving some thought to the visuals and music for opening and end because of seeing a totally gorgeous shot for the end.  So, tucking in right now.  So I don’t forget —

So we will open with the TWIN TOWERS in flames using a montage of perspectives on that.


BENJAMIN is seen standing looking across the city to the flames on the towers as a black silhouette watching the towers for a second.  We see him RUN, stricken knowing BETH is inside there, to his office door.

This is playing throughout opening:


BENJAMIN is seen in a crowd of other men at first — in Black and White — they are all wearing identical suits with white shirts walking the endless glass and concrete canyons of NY as if everything is normal.  Suddenly BENJAMIN is seen making SWIMMING MOTIONS with arms as the smoke and ash billow around him. “Breaststroke” motions.

HE IS LOST in the sea of glittering mirrored buildings and streets.  At one point he begins to spin in circles in the smoke as if dancing.  CUT TO FIRST SCENE on BENJAMIN HERE.



BENJAMIN has fallen in love with LANGLEY after Parsifal wanderer motif.  They are shown on a beach in the daylight walking together.


BENJAMIN and LANGLEY camera is in very close on their faces as BENJAMIN cups LANGLEY’s FACE in his two hands.  THEY KISS, as the NEW LOVE (ROMANTIC) is ESTABLISHED.  Beth is now gone and BENJAMIN can move forward back into LIFE again with NEW LOVE.

CAMERA PULLS AWAY until we see them standing by the great expanse of the sea like this picture…

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 7.28.28 AM

As CAMERA continually pulls away the last we see of them are two tiny specks on the planet, in the vastness of the world.

*note on this screenplay with added Depth Psych embedded CURE.  The tale is one of loss and transformation post horror and loss.  It is a tale of the Phoenix arising from the ashes via other human beings and interactions.  As BENJAMIN emerges as a solar healer for the women he encounters along the path, and functions as a substitute father figure for CASSIE this tale shows the GOODNESS inside the male heart, in BENJAMIN.  Though he has lost the LOVE OF HIS LIFE in BETH, he will be able to move forward and love again with LANGLEY.

LOGLINE: HOPE will always arise from the ashes. ❤


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