They didn’t realize they were going to be, if they had seen each other once in some little club in Los Angeles, and they probably did because they went to the exact same places in those years.  If they had brushed up against each other and looked into each other’s eyes once upon a time they might have not had to live the lives they’ve led.

But if they hadn’t?

They would never have had the valiance and the hearts they attained.

The brilliance coming from off of him was almost too much sunlight.  But sometimes, now, she just smiled looking at him.  Because she could see him in all his guises, and she realized that all their lives they had always worn costumes and that people had always wanted them for something, and they had obliged because whatever their parents had done was the identical wound.

It was really hard to be stared at, for both of them.

Both of them had learned to be invisible, because of this.

They were so good at costumes they could go anywhere on the face of earth and fit in, because both of them could squat in the littlest hut, or go to the finest mansions and know exactly how to behave.

There was this really valiant part of them, that couldn’t stand that character Gollum, and they probably both escaped into books when they were very little, and they both learned to make art & poetry because sometimes that was the only way they could express something.

The TITANS were from the birth of the earth itself.  And so she must have been:


and he must have been


Because they were very, very old souls.


Yes, that was true.

They had kindness between them that the world had never seen in its darkest most horrible hour.





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