after the hardest storyboard

There will be great freedom in my own heart — but it’s because I have used a very hard part of my life and crafted a healing tale, but also an open-ended tale that will leave an audience thinking.

So, I don’t want the tale to actually leave a villain even though in a sense, yes there was a villain.  It’s simply a tragedy, in the classic sense of a dramatic work.  With any story, a tragedy has sub stories going on?  So in this we have several sub stories.  Sophie’s Choice perhaps comes closest to anything I can recall for emotional pain — this is like that but also shows the agony.  So there are poetic voiceovers throughout where the third omni narrator comes in, and the epilogue shown as adult.  Given the news stories of late we have got to do a reframe for the world.  The agony of this wound is carried primarily by Baby Boom men and women.

I have this wonderful fun screenplay I WANT to be working on, so it is easy to let this one go real, real fast and just let the experts make it.  A songwriter I met in the web has a song for Francesca Woodman — a photographer in NY who killed herself by leaping.  So that song, “Francesca” for starters.  In looking at Woodman’s work, I think I know the wound so shows you.

Because it was almost me as well, getting up off that table.

So images of Woodmans…





the last is quite clear to me.

So it’s hard.

But not hard because of Aslan.

So we have the young girl, and the married college professor who doesn’t care.

So myself.


Image 40

Images 23

Images 33

It took a long time to reach this place.


It took a long time to be able to write that.

It’s going to be a film, to help girls not make the same mistake.

I have Aslan with me.  In my heart.

There isn’t a fucking thing you can do to shut me up or stop me.

X is the entire musical score, and I will be getting the photos back.

All the women coming out around Cosby?

They are just like me.


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