the handsome

I have always fallen for the handsome ones.

Can’t help it.  So it’s really doubly hard to look at the face and also be dealing with Literary Erotica aspects in this mo.  Because the face is so handsome I just want to look at it.  For me, it’s face and hands.  Because face is what you will be looking at and hands are what will be all over you.  So I have to find those two things attractive and eff I do — omg.

This is not a big though, because I’m his age and so too old for him.  He just looks really fab.

So, Vanilla sex.  I am that?  But what does that mean…

It means that the male is more dominant, but, it also means very unleashed for me.  So what it looks like is sort of Kama Sutra style, but only one man and woman.

So there is intense Romanticism in Vanilla style.

Basically they do everything?  But are not ever tied down.  So very natural, very clean, very romantic in nature,

But this is just off the charts red hot:

So why is it?

The sounds she is making.  The best lovers can do that and see how she is totally unleashing herself in this?  Well, yes.

So two lovers of mine were like this and only two.

Mon & Valdez.

So first time?

And fourth big love.

So that is like BIG ROMANTIC LOVE that you see going on.

Tries to show images of that & how male is…

So the chemistry between these two is EXACT for Valdez and I.  EXACT.

What Valdez did to me made me “sound” just like that, I mean, to the point where your mind stops because the man is “playing you”  like an instrument.

Not all men can do that believe me.

So this is why I am casting him for the love scenes because if men can see that?  They can learn.

It’s just really hard because he is soooooooo handsome and the hands….


On the other hand?

Maybe my stories have that effect too.

Only in reverse.

I do have Scorpio rising.

Gemini Moon Eighth house.

So I liked to play the man like an instrument too.

So sometimes I took over.  It was very hard for Valdez to let me do that.  He wanted to be the one who was in control.  In fact I’m not sure anyone had ever gone down on him?  Because when I did it was like it scared him…. you can read that in the short story — the part with the pearls.

So anyway I was looking at all the little gifs being made, and one of the gifs said that “ARAGORN” is ISFP

Well that sounds about right.

That is this:

I am an ENFP – which is what they were calling the female character that is shown kissing him from Lord of Rings deal.

That is THIS:




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