Well, there are lots of ways to think about it.

Like in Karma yoga.

Or Raja yoga.

Anyway, the little red thread across lifetimes, unbroken.

Guess where I saw it?

I had this palmist tell me like 15 years ago up here, the red thread man will be coming but until then you have to deal with this yourself.

“Oh great.”

Guess what?

He’s arrived.

So anyway, how I feel is really bathed in sunlight.

So I have a self-portrait like that someplace — I just want to show the feeling of not having to feel like Atlas holding up the world.

His mind.

Believe me, Saturn conjunct the Ascendant in Sag?

I thought First house Saturn in Sag was hard.

Mine was nothing compared to what this soul has endured.

Saturn in Sag in the 12th?

Is like the entire collective has been carried in the mind.  Hope for the collective unc.  across lifetimes.

So anyway.


So solar heroes.



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