untitled, unkempt, unbound


you make me want to fall backwards into Time

some starry pool of arms that hold, not hurt

where tongues are never sharp, just kind

and in the water where we hurled ourselves

all that remained was shimmer

you make me want to be that girl at thirteen

staring so intently across the field

before the years of being tackled

you make me want to fuck for hours

& even though I’m telling you that

I don’t care.

I’m not going to die here in the wasteland of 31 years

where I buried myself alive after love that seared

it’s only that I wasted years

as Neptune kept me chained in dark

that from this fortress swims a lark

that from this fortress sails a swallow

in every picture I see of you

each time I look, it’s just more glue, that binds me tighter to a place

that I see somewhere in your face


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