things people find hard to believe


The level at which men can actually hurt women.


31 years without love.

He has forced me to lose everything that I worked so hard for.

My house is the last of it, for he has forced me to sell it and it’s Christmas.

Last Christmas, I was there.

I don’t want to sell it.

I owe very little on it.  He borrowed against it.

I could go home tonight if I can get an advance.

While it has been on the market I have exhausted every cent I had.

Now, I will have to rent it out and be trapped up here like this.

I can’t.

I look at ways to end it all the time.

So, you are my big fat hope.

How about we just pitch one of those films to someone so I can go home and have Christmas.  I know what the film will bring.

$300K is utterly nothing compared to that.

I just need a little help.

Okay I hope you read this.

I’m quite serious.

I need to change my life or it is over.

Can’t do this any more.

Not another minute.

Last year, I had Christmas.

This is my house.  Last month the realtor had an offer and it almost sold.

I was going East to get a shack I did not care.

The deal is off.

So I am in this death house you see above.

This was the house where I was supposed to be a wife and have a child like you did.

Only he never cared about that.  Or me.

It’s just a little Craftsman.  Nothing big.  But I loved it and it was home.

He isn’t a man like you are.

I’m a Capricorn and it is very hard to ask for help but I am.

You will be rich after even three films.

I just don’t want to die in this room in a house full of all his dead mothers things.

I’d like to keep my roses.

I’d like to stay alive.

In 2012, I still had long hair.

Before he forced my nerves to chew it off, you know?  Like a trapped animal does in a cage.

So this is me then.




I love this pic of you.  The colonnades remind me of the house where I lived at 13 the year that Dad left.  It was up on Dover.

I think I love the honesty in your face.

So, I’m tucking it in, because you are the star, of my writing.  I wasn’t going to just give it to anyone.  Actually it’s pretty good, you know?

And you are really going to look good wrapped in it.





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