the Stone Pine

It would take 60 years or more to grow the tree in my front yard.  I wouldn’t be alive that long.

My tree was like Lake George when Georgia painted the limbs.


That he has done this to me over the house is inexcusable.  I remember when his mother was passing away and he said “I can’t take her out of her house.”

Tell me something will you?

Our house.

31 years together.

You would think the tree mattered.

All the years and all it sheltered.


So anyway tonight at the stupid market here, trees like mine for sale.

The realtor said, “Trees like that are worth $100,000.”

Then he proceeded to tell me about how he had shown the house and someone hated the tree and wanted to cut it down.

Do you know what it looks like?

Cut me down before you take the tree.



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