Strength and Beauty in the Saturn Return

So, Saturn is this huge profound thing we cope with in life.  In astrology.  When there are hard Saturn things it is seen as the Lord of Karma.  But Saturn is called The Lord of time, and it is also the Lord of the rings.  It has them.  So, at the first pass of Saturn over the natal position in a chart we are like 28 years old.  At that time people are getting more “serious” about age and might get married or have kids or?  The freedoms of the 20’s are coming to an end.  Fast forward the next huge span of years to the second return.

Saturn comes all the way back around the circle and the “choices” you have made in life are up for review.

So this is what it looks like in an image to me this year!

So in the passage of 30 years we all learn a lot of things.  On our own.

But what were the dreams of childhood?

This is the question Saturn is asking of us, in many cases.

At the time of the return the grown up Saturn looks back at the lived life and the talents.

Jung himself was very interested in all sorts of things, astrology being one of them.  People with lots of Saturn often use their Neptune (the arts) as a coping mechanism for the harsh.  So, if one has lived in a clime that does not support the ARTS at the return one realizes that life is a short thing, and that the wrong relationships do NOT support what might be best for one.

In my life, I started as an artist, and what ruined it was marriage.  I had a darkroom in my little kitchen when I met the man I married.  He built me some shelves as a pantry and I thought, “Oh my God.”

But that was the last thing he ever really made.  And that was 31 years ago.

I just don’t want it anymore.  Having somebody else crush what you are made of is not a good idea.  That’s what happened to me.

So, it has not been fun.  For a long time, and the world has gotten much worse in the last 15 years.  I went back to school at 35, thinking, gee, career two will get me a baby and… like many other women in my generation we have been worked to death by the male sex.  Not kidding.  So, this is not my kind of Christmas at all.  I love to cook, love to garden, love to make love, love to curl up by a fire and I love to make art.

Here I am…

mermaidSo, very adrift.  But not really.

I’ve just made up my mind to get back to myself!

So that is the Saturn return.

I just don’t want to be in a one-sided art killing relationship any more.

It’s been hell.

What I did do, during the very harsh Pluto transits over my natal planets (more karma) was become a writer, and it really happened.  As I was published, I felt so happy.  So?  In a sense that was much better than the career I went back to school for, but my thesis was film as a treatment plan from Pacifica and now I can begin to put the MA into action!

So, even though I thought this year was the bitter end of me it is not.

Because of somebody really fabulous.

He is light in darkness.

He really is, at a time when the world looks so bleak.

So, back in 2000 or so when I went to a palmist she said to me that a man would come wearing a red thread.

Well I saw it!

That was like 15 years ago, now.  I hadn’t thought of what she said in years.  But, he is another artist and from my own generation of people.  Most of us in our generation are very good people and we have lived some very harsh realities since childhood.  But we are all good!

At this time the Saturn return is helping us bring light.

Through art, and nothing is going to stop any of us from doing that.

So in my chart, Jan 14, it looks like this right now:

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 1.20.47 PMI have my progressed ASC conjuncting Venus in Capricorn which is beauty.

And he has Venus in Libra which is the MOST beauty there can be.  Especially at the top of the chart as he has it, conjunct Mid-heaven.

You could not get more of a healer than that placement.

My Pluto is a very strong healer “through art” — so that is what I am doing and nobody is going to stop me now.

Besides, I need a much more artful life than I have been leading, with people that are like me!

It’s just lots more fun that way.

So, there might not be any Christmas this year?

But next year there will be a beautiful one.


There will.

Since I have met him I am no longer worried about all the depth Psychology things I know of the world.

He’s really smart and really brave and I mean.  He’s just marvelous.  For the first time in my life I feel I don’t have to worry!

I cannot tell you what that feels like.

That alone is my Christmas this year.

christmas lights <3

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