Divorcing the shadow for happiness

People in your life that are wrong for you serve to reinforce pain.

Those that have a Golden Shadow have the hardest times seeing themselves.  They can’t even look, half the time.  Or they cannot recognize what they see.


If anything this Christmas I just refuse the last 31 years with someone who has hurt me to such core levels nobody can believe it.

The Saturn return for me this year?

Is to get out from under this fucking cloud of misery and have some fun.  I plan on it.

Because before this marriage, I was very happy.


So, I love Christmas.  I always have.  And for 31 years he has been ruining my Christmases.  This is the last year of that.

So, in many ways because this is the last miserable year, I am photographing other people’s happiness.

It has taken him 31 years to destroy me as a woman and as an artist.  I’m not living like this anymore.



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