island of a thousand reflections

miraculous duende



impossible to describe the soul

moving in words of light, descending to the darkest corners

pool of spirit in the rain

eyes like birds

floating over the plaza

cathedral of sound

the shock of recognition

it’s from some other place you came

into the dry riverbed of my heart

you fly thinking only of the darkest feathers

in reality you are mist

that crashes along the rocks

air full of prisms

each note

something channeled from someplace else

white wing how you brush the earth in light

how you bathe everything into brightness again

listening closely with my eyes closed over and over and over

voice of light, voice carving rainbows into the sky

voice dropping like a cloak

the forest in your chest

density of your green velvet sound

older than time, from some other place

and I know it through caverns of time

through light in tunnels

through shrieking birds in the morning

watching the world

maybe I looked always for something that was you

you make me want to pack a suitcase and start walking

not knowing where I’d even go



poema for the new year’s eve






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