un hombre que nunca podría mentirle

tal vez voy a decir que no podía mentir

a night so cold under slim sheets of stars

one thinks of bulbs that might have been buried

the hot yellows and reds of parrot tulips in spring

él con palabras tan peligrosas

con los ojos tan caliente

you fall backwards unable to speak, breathing

into the spaces between the words

never seen anything like that, before, never

wanted to roll into white, obliterated by the light’s

calm flash never wanted to lie down and sob

el que sabe cómo borrar el mundo

if in the curled space of an arm

the moment’s rest of head on chest so long ago you can’t remember

everything already gone humming

into the honeyed hive

pacing back and forth, pacing

reversal of the star’s new language

freshly cut and cleaved, dancing

orbit defined, danced Pleiadian time

falling back into apple blossoms

falling back before the fall




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