La Strada Romantica

It’s my birthday tomorrow, so, I’m coming clean tonight – in this new year of 2016.  I haven’t been in love or in it for a very long time, except maybe until now.

So, after Valdez passed, by accident the story of Daddy-O happened and was about a year long.  He was a phony, in ways that phonies are phonies and I was in such an utter tailspin in that year I let it happen.  But I wasn’t in love.

I have to be in love, or falling in love to want to.

Otherwise I close down.

So I have been closed now for about thirteen years again.

That means nothing.

It’s a long time, like the exact cycle before Valdez.

Except there is a difference this time.

I could fall very hard, and I have been down this exact road before and then done it myself too, later on.

What I want is the closeness to end all closeness, and because this particular writer – writes like that, I mean, I can’t stop myself.

I want to experience the work of art.

I want to fall in love again, and never look back.

Okay then, that’s out.  But I have time and I am not going to ruin anything for another.

I’m not doing anything out of hand unless it slides together like silk, both ways.

The voice in the poems, God.  That’s all I want to say.

I would never have experienced anything as deep or as Romantic in life up to now.  I mean love at first sight.

Love at first read.


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