Viggo Mortensen and his cat, charming


He has always been one of my favorite actors, but, it is only recently I learned he wrote poems and was a painter too.

All of that can be had over at Perceval Press.

I recently have had the good fortune to see the film Jauja, which is so exquisite.  He made it down in Argentina and the film is an extraordinary work of art.  Beautiful.

What else would one expect of a fine artist.

Here is the trailer for Jauja, a tale of a father and his chivalry, except that it is far more than that.  In a sense it is a work of mythopoesis as a man searches for identity within a magical realist landscape.  It’s a film one must watch many times for the great subtlety and visionary skill of the director as well.

My favorite films of Viggo Mortensen’s are the character studies.  I missed Lord of the Rings, but feel that I must see it sometime, now.

These are my three favorites, starting when he was very young.  First, in Sean Penn’s “The Indian Runner.”

Second is a marvelous film called “A Walk on the Moon” and I actually got to meet the screenwriter for the film at my writer’s conference here in town.  There is so very much I love about this film, everything.  Everything.  He plays “The Blouseman” — one of his finest roles.

For a stellar performance in “The Road” — a tale of a father trying to protect his son in a post-Apocalyptic universe that looks much like what we see in America today in terms of our homeless problem, you must see it.

Here is that trailer:

I was able to see his latest in Netflix – “The Two Faces of January” and also “Jauja.”

He has a release of a very early film called “The Reflecting Skin” I’m dying to see — it dates from the period of David Lynch style things – but – the cinematography was much like Terence  Malick’s – just lush looking.  Really exquisite.  There are some clips in youtube you can see.

His new film is at Sundance right now – “Captain Fantastic” about a dad leading his family out of the woods and into modern life.  Can’t wait to see the trailer!




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