You look like a multiple orgasm, I said

You look like a multiple orgasm, I said


And the part of me that said it was the girl who never had the pleasure,

was the girl who lay there and it only took three strokes for just about all of them.

You know what I love about you?

I could tell you anything and nothing would shock you

I can’t even stop myself from speaking, giddy and adrift

I’m that girl that walks into a room and all the men are looking

I like to keep my hat pulled low

They don’t get the chance to meet my eyes.

You know what you know about me?

I know the same things about you.

You fall so fucking hard when you do?

They cut you off at the knees.

I don’t want to think about it.

So I’m building a chariot for you.

I never want to see you thrown off balance again

So, you’re not going to be

and neither am I

After we show them what it’s like to get carried to the moon and back

they will drop at your feet by the thousands

like prayers

to the unspoken god of the fire

and I?

I’ll just stand there smiling

at the boy I could have known once upon a time

had it been a different path I took

You look like a multiple orgasm I said, because

I know you have taken your time to cause them

Because no matter how much they hurt you

you still gave it your all

can’t say that about any men I’ve known

so that makes you heroic.




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