The Democrats abandoned ship because?

In 2008 we saw something we had never seen before.  A target-marketed Presidency.  Those of us who had always been Democrats since college era Ferarro, those of us who had consistently voted EVERY WOMAN into power began to see the corruption within the party itself.

We were for Hillary because like so many of us, she was going to break a glass ceiling.

We watched as the women of the Democratic party turned on her, one by one.

We wondered what the hell caused it.

We banded together in blogs and tried talking it out.

We watched as Bill Clinton humiliated her on National TV with Monica Lewinsky.

We felt sorry for her.

We watched her go to work for Obama.


There have been 16 years now of political hell for America.  Sheer hell for the California-style ecologically minded greenish Democrat.

We were the anti-war generation of people, who were children at the time of JFK and MLK.  We were the protest era Democrats.  Racism was not part of our world.

Obama laughed and gave Hillary the finger on national TV and now he’s laughing his ass off again while she tries for another run with Benghazi under her belt.

He caused that.


Sixteen years of hell for a war we didn’t want.

There is no Party loyalty in America.

Once you realize how corrupt it is?

Once you realize how Orwellian it all is?

America has become a laughing stock in the world’s eyes.

Not one of the Democrats cared to do anything FDR might have to address problems our nation has had.

Not a one.

Not one cared as Planned Parenthood sold off body parts.

Last on the list are the American women, millions who aren’t getting anything out of anyone, let alone birth control.

The whole country is broken.

America is brokenhearted.

Some Valentine’s Day this is.

It isn’t.

So no on the political dynasty politics.  That would be Bush and Clinton.

NO on the corporate ice cream rape story writing Sanders.


Today I read an editorial off the NYT by a gay guy.  An anti-Hillary guy.  Isn’t it just like a gay guy to not care about women?  Hey we thought we were their friends all these years.  I mean it’s never been a problem for me.  Until TODAY.

I don’t give a fuck about identity politics in 2016.

Because of the target-marketing Obama did, the whole country is miserable and divided along lines that never mattered.

JFK and MLK were my childhood.

JFK would be rolling in his grave if he could see what has happened in America.

It’s tragic.

I never cared who was gay, straight, black, brown, white or any other color in my lifetime.  I liked everyone.  But today I saw the last straw.

Hillary, who fought for gay rights, put down by a little gay dude at the NYT named Frank Bruni.

You know what Frank Bruni?

I’d be worried about Sharia if I were you, pal.


TRUMP 2016 – he’s an American guy.





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