I’m going to go first.

I’m choosing a picture that someone did sixteen years ago now.  We are going to use art and narrative techniques together.  All you will need is your Twitter and if you want it, a WordPress Blog like mine.

I’m going to choose an image from these, for 9/11 in America.  But first I am going to put my American flag picture in.


I’m going to put a picture of the very first President I ever had.  You can too!


I’m going to give you a quote from my first President, because your first President will always be very special to you as an American.

“My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” – John F. Kennedy

Here is what we can do, for our first day of #DayitForward and THE ALCHEMY PROJECT

I picked somebody’s art that was random from that day.  I will put it in my blog.

A child drew this, the day of 9/11 – from someplace in our great country.  The children need our help the most, these many years later.



We pick a picture out of the web that we like, that stands for something really strong inside of us.

Here is mine.

floating moon

That is just a picture of the moon, that I took.  With some clouds rolling by.  When I need to feel strong inside, I know that I can go outside and look up at the moon.

The moon will always be something very strong for me.

That was our first day.

I’m going to play you some pretty music, now – that goes with my moon.

If you make a free blog at WordPress,  we can begin our healing right today.  Because we can pass these on to new friends, and we will all get much stronger each day, by showing each other our hearts.  And telling each other what makes us STRONG.






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