vault #poem


Dad in the vault of my heart

rattling the kindest wind of summerbones

screaming down the years back to hermosa

your knuckleheads and “eat your spinach”

all the time my eyes reaching up toward that light

I saw in you reflecting back

“I love that little twinkle in your eye,” you said

chocolate milk and summersun and sandy submarine sandwiches

if only I could have told you then how much it meant to lose you

it seemed like summer left for years, at nine

everything must have gone so dark

lucky is the girl who was I

hoisted up onto the ponies

how at first you lead me round and round the track

how later at the stables you watched

posting along then breaking to canter

smell of the sagebrush lifting in the wind

whole hillside of sun and the dry dust of the ring

you must have poured that light

into every black hole you came across

it wasn’t her fault she was that damaged

she told me all the time you were the only man she ever loved

windchimes sound like you

when the waves come up across the sea

when the fog lifts off over the afternoons

balboablue brightsun landings








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