Saying Things #poem

Saying Things


Say I wanted to say that living
is something we all do
and say I wanted to say that
some parts will be easy
slick and smooth like
ice cream, Sundays drenched
hot fudge tipped daydreams
other parts are rocky road
rocked boats, sometimes screaming

Say life could be like a whisper in love
sometimes as smooth, smooth sheets
sometimes unrumpled
sometimes no questions.

Say I wanted to say
you were a still pool
where a butterfly made of leaves swam
say that my thought was to dive into you
or that I wanted to climb up
from the catastrophe of years
and fall in love all over again

Say I wanted to look so deeply
into your eyes that you
might really know me for the first time ever

Say that I wanted to be able to get that close
say I took off the costumes you hide in or the mask
what would you do if the two of us were that naked?


‪#‎sbwc‬ poems Perie’s class. writ this morn 2nd draft

So I really learned something today from Perie about how acting gave her a voice in her teens.  She told us a tale about that.  Poet Laureate here in town.  She is.

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