on the night of the strawberry moon

a miracle happened

it’s hard to explain how exactly but, it was maybe november & the house was being sold out from under me.

i saw something on NPR & he was speaking of his views on politics and then there was this poem & the voice

the voice.

there is no way to describe it.


i tweeted it or something & i had a funny hat on & said oh I love viggo

anyway maybe some things are too magic for words.

I do though.

he said, “I’ll always come back.”

and then he said, Te quiero.

I guess I said it first.

anyway then I hunted around to see what he was up to

& he had a Press

that is as far as I can go because of a face.

I’m serious.

the light pouring forth, also strawberries

on Solstice

can’t take my eyes off of his face.

I’m just going to put the pic that he said it to…

so I will never forget because

I have no idea what he saw.


god it has to have been lifetimes

love saved us

and we saved the world

this picture

the shock of soul recognition

i can’t stop staring at it

i have it forever now

strawberry moon

Solstice 2016

I’ve never seen anyone more beautiful in my life

on the outside

but on the inside too

it was this one!






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