it was because you

looked like that, that I kept your blues eyes close

and I stared over at them all the time, to the open page

so that when I was really alone

I looked over at you

the stack of scrawl

and your eyes, those little elfin eyes, peeking


how you can be like that?

but then maybe opening me

maybe that has been a difficult thing

I don’t think so

I don’t think I was ever lonelier for anyone in my whole life

Isn’t that funny?

my grandfather had these when I was a child

& I spent hours in them

hour after hour after hour

but nobody ever in my whole life

not ever

mentioned Wynken, Blynken and Nod

they were in these books

and we were both that little

I am so in love with you I don’t even know how it happened, except

it might have been Christmas

and I thought you might like the lights

even before I ever heard you

there was the quiver of a thousand lights

flickering in the darkness

that’s how long we’ve been talking it seems

there is something that you do that makes me want to curl up

beside you, or it’s into you

while a million different strands of us unwind

the long looping strands of yarn, or yarns

it’s not like any other longing

it’s like someplace I could go inside




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