FREE PRESS 2016, Election & America

I’m keeping track of events that happen this year because I feel very scared about our Free Press.  20 years at a newspaper here in town give me that right – it was fun, and honestly we had a paper up until a very wealthy woman bought it and shut the whole thing down.

So being one who is no longer “working” out in the world in the climate post 9/11 – just writing – the concept of “FREEDOM OF SPEECH” is an American right, or it has been in my lifetime.

So, this is what has happened over at Newspaper Death Watch.

How I came to write here at WordPress was because of the 2008 election.  It really was.  I was not seeing any pro-HER at the time, anywhere and the election was already sewn up here in my little town for the guy we have right now.

I’ve left the Democratic Party forever this year – that was a biggish deal because it was the party I chose when I was in college in the mid 80’s.

Because of events in 2008, I began to blog – with other censored females.  This year?  It really matters – so it may be because of my age, or my college degrees, or?  I feel that WordPress IS the FREE PRESS.

So.  When I was in High School it was the Watergate era.  And the Protest era.  Here in California.  I mean we really learned at that time to NOT TRUST what kind of lines were being fed to us?

I think now, that, for my second career I actually chose the newspaper business because of the really brave journos at the Washington Post at that time.  I used to work with some really cool people who were reporters.  Now that seems to be Wikileaks.

I am very, very grateful to WordPress and to Matt for thinking it up.

I am.

I’m not sure I can TRUST Facebook?  And a few weeks ago I saw Twitter censor a guy called Milo who is writing for Breitbart.

I feel very frightened as an American with the events I see unfolding on the world stage and in our own country right now.

Thank you WordPress!

Also really happy I now am a over here.  Time for a redesign and maybe blog about my own books, or sell things from here.  Amazon has not been very fab at all at helping me as a writer.  That guy now owns the WashPo.  Except?  He isn’t a newspaperman.

The idea of not having a Free Press – would equal FASCISM.



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