mkt/aud ideas Capfan

I loved the film so very, very much – everything – so ideas to give it a broader reach maybe and how and potentially why & Shep will totally get this & why.

So in 08 – one thing I watched was the target marketing & it really bothered me because I worked for a paper in adv many of the years I was there….

The poster is really beautiful that he has done and so in his gen it is being about a father – so hipster offbeat father is one demographic that is huge – but the story within story is also totally important about the initiation rite of passage and it tandems all the research I have done anyway and esp at my alma mater – so the really touching scene at the trailer part – the chivalry with the girl – yeah – then the end scene.

Both times in aud I am not seeing family, but it wasn’t opening night and this has college-kid appeal because of story within story and that group of boys who are on these boxes.  Aud is our age and up, many by selves – not couples.  So for them is totally reflective piece on lives lived & family they did or didn’t do.

But the boy and the idea of passing manhood esp to his gen right now is hugest because need is so right there with these kids.  So Shep = stickers, as his obey deal plus the other art.  Let him understand by this?  About what boys are going through – not the skate rats group at all right now.  You need to reach them in here on boxes so in 08 how that worked was the poster and the logo.  He could whip you out a logo for that boy so fast like the poster?  Okay so then it becomes a sticker – and the sticker is in and out of web.

So what happened was this with the logo gets you the links.  Here is #1

and #2

Okay so here is the boy, sometimes.  For us core themes were “Question Authority” does that ever still work now…. Ahem.

Anyway, this is gen getting “triggered” by words?  It’s unreal and have been following what is going on for them.  So concept: “Dare to live differently” (Loves Peter & the Wolf) Uncle Spence & I went to that same age…. ❤

So stickers or embroidered patches like we used to put on our JEANS?  ❤ are a core mark deal for his character.  Such a great scene:

So up here the tragic story of the boy who could not get a date and his history:

So they have something called “INCEL” going on?  Check that out.

We were so very free in our gen.  So adventures!  One of the things that happened 08 was that you could download and personalize the logo?  So it became secondary advertising all by itself.  People flocked to it like a toy that way?

Each of the kids could have a special sticker or patch? ❤


It’s such a fantastic film for the college age triggered boy to see right now, for the story within a story.

pretty much we saw what happened with the mark in 08, but this is like “fanclubs” instead of that.


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