Censorship Twitter Election 2016

I’ve forgotten how long  I had my Twitter account.  Ages.  I think I might have learned about Twitter from WordPress, initially.

Well, yesterday my Twitter account got this:


I’m scared.  I really am.  For the first time in my life as an American.  In the course of the last few months, Twitter was allowing me to watch trends and see things in Europe.  That’s gone now.  It was my news source in addition to making some really cool friends.

I logged on and got a message, “Oh we will get back to you.”

Well, suppose there was breaking news?


When Orwell was writing about Totalitarianism and Fascism he warned all of us to understand WHAT that was.

I will admit that this election is like nothing I have ever seen, but, suppression of the public’s opinion isn’t a good thing in America.  Free Speech is a First Amendment Right.

So I found this:


I’m going to see whether they get back to me or not.

In the meantime, grateful to WordPress, you know?

In fact the first time I saw the censorship happen, I went over to your founder’s Twitter and expressed my concern about censorship in America.

We don’t have a free press anymore, here.  You can see who controls it by going to freepress.net

I spent 20 years at a newspaper, so, it matters to me.

Thanks, WordPress.  For letting me say that.

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