Art Direction EMOTION in my story “Man in Moon”

The thrice wounded heart is a very wounded heart indeed.

But how many times in life will our hearts be wounded?

In LOVE, sometimes.  This can be betrayals of things.  As we grow up, we learn that.  So the Greeks use drama to illuminate the human condition.  To begin to speak of the Wounded Feminine as archetype you have many gods such as Artemis with her bows.

But, I am speaking now of the wounded Aphrodite who was brutally betrayed and chose:

So an image of the three wounds to the heart, The Three of Swords.

My short story Man in the Moon is a story of great healing, of these sword wounds.  We limp away from loves as broken things.  We choose to love again and get stronger each time.  When we speak into the realms of sexuality, because some betrayals of the heart will never go away.

My two MC’s in the tale are such people.  When we talk about the wound to the feminine and the wound to the masculine.  The feminine is a chamber, which the masculine enters and penetrates.  For her, his body, upon hers.  In hers.

It is not that she is passive but that if she is in LOVE, any betrayals by men scar her.  It is a scar to the heart and trust is lost.  It’s like a physical scar to the body as a body memory.

Trusting other men to enter her body again will be very difficult for her, depending on the severity of the wound.  I could speak from Depth Psychology on this, but, speaking as a screenwriter today so…

Let’s talk about the scenes in the film “Walk on the Moon” about the MC’s in terms of the character Blouseman.  Who is the Blouseman and why does Lane’s character NEED the Blouseman?

Is she just a bored housewife?  No.

She is a trapped housewife.  In this era, the Blouseman represents the free sexuality that women learned about in the late 60’s and into the 70’s as Feminism.  The mothers in my own generation all divorced in this period – that was Watergate – so we can see Aphrodite twice in this film.  The daughter who has to come of age and face up to what her mother is doing, and the mother herself – at 40ish, trapped into the marriage she was in.  She tells her daughter, (who gets her period for the first time in the film) – “I was only ________ years old, do you know when I had you?” —– meaning “I AM TRAPPED” in a long boring marriage, where her youth is passing away before her eyes…

What the Blouseman does is give her, FREEDOM.  He frees her to be Aphrodite, sexually.  Why doesn’t she have that at home?  Perhaps she married a Hephaestus as did Aphrodite.






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