It’s been six months since I last posted.

Writing dried up after June and the Conference, the horror of having to watch my country totally fall apart, going downtown and seeing the devastating effects of what the economy has done to it.  It was a strange Christmas to say the least, the fire, the mudslides, the closing of everything down and the lack of JOY anyplace.

I decided to plant again.

So, of course that is roses, and I got lots of them.  Only the start.

I have always had a garden wherever I lived and I was thinking back over all of them as I wandered the aisles and chose bare roots this month.

I joined a group of women who are like me, gardeners, wanting to make things like rose hip tea and rose petal jam.  I think we want our grandmother’s lives that were far more elegant than ours were.  At least males were more decent in my grandmother’s era.

Flowers are my joy.

It’s the Rosarians I’m joining.  The real rosarians who know a tremendous amount about our favorite flower.

So digging and designing.

How to be happy in a world that seems totally horrible?





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