Day 1 SBWC 2018

It’s hard to imagine how many years now I have gone, but this year is different for me.   I was remembering the first few years and all the things that have happened since.

I’m about to start up a new cycle of short stories, probably after this Conf because I’ve got nothing but time on my hands and maybe I’ll do those over at ERWA again, or just on my own.

Tonight a writer will be honored, and that’s good.

There will be speeches and familiar faces.

It’s rained this morning and Lorelei was right about bringing an umbrella.  Summers haven’t been the same here in years, the cloud cover has become like the Northern states, sheer fog most days and so very cold.  Carver country.

Being warm would be good.

At any rate,  I’ve joined this fabu group of people who are part of the Rosarians here in town, so that is fun.

There is a new dog I need.

I’m hoping I can.  I loved the dog onsight and it will be another in a long line of rescues for me but it is the region it’s from that I love.   So the pitch.   Basically I only ever wanted one agent, and that was a stupid thing maybe.  I liked him best because he had an elegance.  My books are going to be on the table this year, and I’ll be publishing under my own name from now on.   How ephemeral it all is.  The place I started to write is “gone” pulled from the web.

Years have gone by.

It’s time to be let out of this cage.

The fact that Janet Fitch is going to be a speaker is HUGE, as she was a student of Kate Braverman’s once.  What I’m taking this year is an LA story too.

Anyway that first year I was at the Conference was very difficult.

In this year?

I have been compared to Francoise Sagan by an educated Russian friend, so………….


Look at this beauty named Odin.

odin:2018:first day conf






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