Day 2 SBWC 2018

I missed most of today because I adopted a beautiful dog from the Humane Society this morning.  He is a dog that is a guardian dog.  His breed dates back to the Bronze Age and he was once called a royal dog in France.  His name is Odin, from the most powerful of the old Nordic mythology.  It was instant love.  Very happy today.  I lost two dogs that had been rescues last year and that was to old age.  Odin is two and so there will be many years with him.

Day One I had a very interesting conversation with another writer about toxicity.

Day Two I went to only the night speaker and it was really deep.

Breakthrough will be a the pitch tomorrow, which I will do off to the side at the cocktail party.

A good day.

I’m back at 13, and filled with the Insouciance I had those years, funny that.

My things are loved where it counts overseas.

No one can hurt me at the Conference.  I am already a published writer, but nobody at the Conference really knew that.  The agents have a job.  Their job is to make money for both the author and themselves.  Not a problem.

The genre I have written is worth millions.

I want to do some good in this old world before I go.  I will.

This is my beautiful new friend.

Tonight is his first night.

It’s gone very well today.

So I had cocktails and heard the night speaker.  Can’t seem to fall asleep tonight.

Two books that I have a short story in are on the table.  From now on anything I publish is going to be under my name.  I only wanted to be in the two anthos to give the books to my screenwriting teacher Walter.

Odin the beauty

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