I have written for and the Erotica Readers and Writer’s Association under the noms de plume Adrianna de la Rosa and Valentine or Valentina Bonnaire.

I hold degrees in Art and Depth Psychology.  I spent 20 years after graduating from college working for my hometown newspaper, and then I went back for a graduate degree at — you will find my thesis on the film “The Piano” — a favorite film, in their library.  Right here.

This blog is written under my nom de plume, but my real name is Adrienne which means “Dark Woman of the Sea” and I am like that!  The beach is my favorite place on earth, all my life!


This is the Writer’s Conference I attend.

from Adrienne aka Valentine Bonnaire

Both my father and my Uncle Spence were filmmakers.  I write for film, now.  My thesis was on using films as treatment plans.  What film does is move the hearts in the audience, thank heavens.

You can see a gorgeous review of my book Gardenias at this link.

You can find me in Amazon at this link.

You can find my beautiful children’s book Heart of Clouds here at this link.

Here is my contact info!

bizcardzAnd if you really want to find me over in Facebook, you can!

I am Adrienne D. Wilson, and that is one of my many straw hats.

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Here is my Uncle Spencer Crilly, with his movie camera… and my rescue dog Boy…


Spencer Crilly, later Zoltan Spencer (FILM)
Spencer Crilly, later Zoltan Spencer (FILM)

23 thoughts on “BIO

  1. Thanks for checking out my blog. I am very new to this and it´s a bit intimidating. Of course I take cover by being a bit agressive. I like your blog as well and am looking forward to reading more of your writing. I write very personal introspective bits about my life and especially my dreams. If you´re interested, I´ll keep you posted.



  2. I like your site, V. As time permits I’ll get to your stories. I hope my comments on Rodger the Doger’s site didn’t ruffle your feathers. Raised in the era of double entendres it affected my wit. Possibly why I laughed so boisterously at the dialog in Spenser’s flicks. OM


    1. Welcome, Old Mack. Hey? You should have a WordPress blog? Like Rodg’s and mine. You would be amazed at how your writing will get found and how easy they are to operate as well. You can put links, music, all sorts of things.

      Anyway, I didn’t want to take up a bunch of room at Rodg’s place. I think he is very dear, and one of the top writers around. I can’t stand to think of him suffering sometimes. He is a bit like a little brother to me? But also like the “big brother” I never had as well. One day I will get to meet him in LV and take him to lunch I hope. I’ve followed his writing now maybe for about 5 years? Off and on.

      Can he ever write. Whew.


    1. It’s hard to have time for email right now, because going back on a writer’s list? But you can drop by here, because I can answer any questions you have? hey, thanks for reading me and Pacifica is a really great school if you are thinking of going? you can see how the community thinks there? One of the best experiences of my life was going there.


  3. I’ve just finished writing a review of Gardenias on It is being processed, so it may not appear immediately. In short, this is the best book I’ve read since Delta of Venus and Little Birds by Anais Nin. Needless to say, I gave you five stars. I’ve now ordered Where I Laid Me Down To Sleep. ~ Dennis


    1. Oh my god. Thank you. Oh my god. I am going to fall off my chair. Where I laid me down to sleep you can read for free as I go? I am writing it as we speak in Nanowrimo2013. If you have time that is? With your own, which I feel is going to be something the world needs more than you can know. I cannot thank you enough, for these words. Oh my god. What you just said. My writing usually appears at ERWA — my short stories. I cannot thank you enough. Oh hey! I have one that you are really going to understand. Yep. My Heart of Clouds. It’s for kids. Kids like we were once. Yep. Hugs to you for this. You made this writer’s day. You really did. This is Heart of Clouds: — pass that to kids? “HOPE” I tried to write that, just as you are. Thank you Dennis Cardiff, from Adrienne aka Valentine Bonnaire


      1. Hi Adrienne, you’re very welcome. I meant every word. I said I ordered Where I Laid Me Down To Sleep. What I meant to say was that I’ve started reading it online. I downloaded The Velvet Babe’s “CATWALK”. Thanks for mentioning Heart of Clouds. I look forward to reading that as well as your stories on ERWA.

        Thanks also for your encouragement and support for Gotta Find A Home. It is much appreciated. Dennis


      2. It’s what you said? Not since Nin. I was so stunned by what you said I cried. Then I told some writer friends and my writers group at ERWA, then, after I recuperated a little I tweeted it! Then I put it in FB! I’m not sure if you understand writr to writer what you just said to me — but what you did was validate me in a LITERARY way that…. well — thank you for making my day. I’m not kidding. I am so ready now to really sell the work, and just become a writer like Nin. It’s been a long, long haul this last decade — learning how. You see you validated a whole decade of work for me. Thank you so much. Okay back to the Nano book now — two times 1667 today — I didn’t write yesterday — was in a happy oblivion! Thank you so.


      3. Dennis there is one more thing? You came from “out there” meaning the wide world of readers? Not the writers conference, not my peers on the writer’s list? You are the second person who read something of mine. Song was the first? She read my children’s book Heart of Clouds. I sent it to an agent but he said it was too sweet and lovely for the market. The thing is, I put all my training as a therapist into that book. I mean everything! She validated that, and you validated all the rest I have spent ten long years on. That is why I cried, Thank you, and my writer friends? They went — quite the review? I mean yesterday was just huge. Yep. ps: when you get time? go and check out Soundcloud for your own poems if you want to do a live reading — in the poetry galleries at ERWA a few poets did that this month. I was happy at how it turned out? Very easy. Your cadence of words will be alive for all those readers you have. xxoo! from Adrienne


    1. Oh my gosh how did you do that? Oh thank you! Talk about a double whammy! Hey listen, what you said gave me so much confidence I am bubbling over. I will do the same to help you promote that book on the homeless you are doing? Also Dennis? Check out Wattpad for yourself? The poems! What the kids are writing — when you see in there, omg. You will know. Heart of Clouds is HOPE. I hope you love it. I know you will? Your soul will. Thank you so VERY MUCH! It is like our childhoods, free of fear, no monsters. There is pathos? But out of the pathos, CURE & HOPE! <3!


      1. Hi Adrienne, HOPE is what I want to see in the eyes of young people. I have a friend, Loretta, who I’ve mentioned in my blogs. She is twenty years old, was raised on a native reservation. She is presently in court testifying against her attacker in a rape case. This is a new experience for her, having evidence and having someone prosecuted. When she lived on the reservation, she was raped nearly every time she went on the road.

        Music videos, gangsta rap, people dressed as pimps and hos, are giving the wrong message to youth today. You and I grew up as hippies, “Make love not war”. I was attending York University in 1970 when the Kent State slayings took place. We protested, attended sit-ins, guest lecturers to our Humanities course were members of the Black Panthers, and other groups such as The Weather Underground.

        What was stressed was universal equality, love, bravely defending minorities, making a difference. Gentlemanly conduct was taken for granted. I too would like to contribute to the education of today’s youth, so that they have a better model to follow, “free of fear, no monsters”. Or, to have the bravery and skill to defend their own ideals, not feel that they have to imitate the behavior they see on TV. ~ Dennis


      2. Yes. I was younger? But I recall those days, well — I was about 13 when the protests of the War happened on campuses? I feel that my gen came up just after the Peace & Love gen — more in the 80’s but the values instilled by JFK/MLK — those are my gens. I’m so sorry for your friend. I feel that their gen has been exposed to too much in the web? We didn’t grow up like that? I have done extensive research on the art of the emo generation. For instance if you google “emo heart” and look at the pictures, you will see what I saw. Also — in the drawings there isn’t color as we know it? Only Black, white, grey and red. This is “depression” manifesting and maybe also the overmeds this gen was prescribed? Terrible for them. Heart of Clouds is for them? Even though they are older than that? If we think about cultural surround? The era they have grown up in is very different. So this book is the innocence of our youth? Like your poem of the yellow cardigan. I am planning to write a series of age appropriate development while addressing themes from culture and insert hope — grow the kids up from 14 ————-> 19 –? Like that. Once I get going and can support myself by the books it will be easier. I need to work on this book a little today, for nano. So, let me do that. Please enjoy that novel? This one I am writing has very dark themes but is also going to show hope and survival, in this case for a girl! Thank you again so much. Adrienne


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