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  1. Valentine Bonnaire-thank you for the
    recent rt on Steinbeck.He is up there w/ Thoreau in my book.I read the “The grapes of Wrath” in HS-70’s and think about the book alot.I just recently suggested to my 15 yr old daughter she should read this book.I just checked out “Cannery Row”.tim d


      1. Valentine Bonnaire-
        The little bird is a bluebird.In my “neck of the woods” the bluebird is very small if you ever see one.They are are very cute.”The bluebird carries the sky on his back”-Thoreau.Just think of that image and you become transformed.I enjoy your your recent tweets/posts on international relations.The ones on Russia/Cold War I really like.When I was growing up during this tme-in very small town-the plan was if a there was nuclear attack it was put your head between your ass and kiss it good bye.Wow what a time.The bigger cities had “fall out shelters”Lucky for them.Have you read any Solzhenitsyn?
        Thanks td


      2. Ha! We only have blue jays out here in CA. Lucky you! No on the reading…but I was def part of the duck and cover ala JFK deep childhood exp. Yeah. A fat lot of good that would have done. You know I found a vid in the youtubes — do you know that they were basically blasting us since 1945 out here on the West Coast? Yeah. Who knew? We didn’t. It makes you cry to watch it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLCF7vPanrY Happy Easter to you if you celebrate it! <3!


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