News for women regarding non-pro choice Carly Fiorina, pro-choice, and feminist history…(links!)


Update two years later.  Carly Fiorina IS NOT PRO-CHOICE.  In fact, she is not a feminist because of this:

No feminist would support her position on that.  Feminists care about women.

I thought given the era Fiorina lived she might have been, but NO.  Don’t vote for her.  I will  be supporting Barbara Boxer in California because she is a proven FEMINIST.  I feel that if Hillary Clinton had won the election back in 2008 our country would not be in this mess right now.  My vote for her was pro-woman.  I will not be voting for any REPUBLICANS right now because of their stance on Dominionism and Patriarchy.  These are women who sell out other women and don’t care.  A feminist always puts women first.  Especially a feminist who is heterosexual.  Because?  We know what women and men go through.  We’ve been there, as women.


First, having been a Dem all these years I had little time to question whether any in the Republican Party were pro-choice!  Well, guess what!  They are, and they were probably going to cross their own party line this year I’ll bet.  Here is their link, over at Republicans for Choice.

Then I found a magnificent article by a feminist writer and historian about both the Democratic and Republican Partys and women! — this is a really great website about feminism as well.  Lots of articles!

Here is the one on feminism and Republican Women.  It’s a short very concise read, that any of us who have lived through these times and voted since the 80’s are going to understand.

Funny, but, that’s a pretty big political lever (Violet’s Lever) and I bet that women in this era all want pro-choice!  On both sides!  Here is a link into that wonderful writer’s site and it looks like she has just written a book on women, politics and feminism too! (Timely, no!)  Maybe we all need a refresher course on Feminism and the history of the thing!

Then, Blogher has an interview with Carly Fiorina, so we can learn about her, and her work with John McCain this election.  I love that she is his closest advisor, and since she is a very smart businesswoman, and shattered her own glass ceiling, she is going to be straight with us, as women.  Read that interview!  It’s good.

Trust me, my eyes are on Fiorina.  I was trying to remember why I voted as a Democrat and then just became that all these years.  I know I didn’t want Reagan, maybe because I felt he was anti-choice.  Part of my reason for being one was to vote women into office.  I no longer trust any of the women I voted in over the years.  It’s because of what happened to Hillary Clinton.  They turned on one of us, and one of their own.  They will never, ever, ever, get another pass from me.  I’m out of there.  I have to put my research and faith into Fiorina that she will do right by women.  Anyway, rounding up the research all day! Yikes… but, it’s about the sisterhood.  And the glass ceiling, and the glass slipper, or something like that…

Then! Violet takes it apart again in terms of surprises and the Second Wave.  She is so correct.  Right on point!  I wish I wrote like that.  Damn.  She is a voice to adore!

You third wavers have no idea what we went through, none.  All the goodies you take for granted, well we fought for those… believe me.  Violet knows.

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